Determining Your Needs

The textural quality and relaxed vibe of natural fiber rugs make these a natural go-to choice for designers.  We offer a fiberseal protection for all natural fiber rugs.


Jute offers natural variations that create a charming imperfect texture in a natural hues that can be dyed in a variety of colors. Jute is softer underfoot than most other natural fibers. It comes from the jute plant which is a vegetable fiber that is long, soft and shiny.


Known for durability, Sisal is great for high-traffic areas. With this durability comes a coarser texture and a tendency to become slippery with a lot of wear. For this reason, Sisal runners are not a good fit for stairs. Like Jute, Sisal can be dyed in a range of colors.

Sea Grass

Seagrass is derived from dried sedge plants grown in saltwater marshes found in the Asia-Pacific region. This perennial plant has grass-like leaves which are durable when woven together to create fabulous textured rugs.  Seagrass rugs are slightly more durable, stain-resistant then jute or sisal. But still require higher-maintenance care & cleaning. A fiberseal protection is recommended.


Part of the banana family, Abaca fiber has a glossy shine that feels soft underfoot and is incredibly durable. Abaca rugs typically have a chunkier look and feel.
Abaca rugs can be woven without the need of additional finish  binding), being produced with a self-edge. No dyes or backings are used with abaca, making is 100% eco-friendly.

Natural Fiber Care and Cleaning Instructions
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