Unique Comfort / Environmentally Friendly / Durable / Stain Resistant

The advantages of wool carpet are natural. Wool carpet is environmentally friendly (sheared from sheep, a renewable resource) and is good for the indoor environment too, as it is a non- allergenic material. Wool is a perfect choice where comfort is the highest priority as it is soft and pleasing to the touch. Wool is unique as it offers both softness and springiness. This makes it resistant to heavy foot traffic due to the natural ‘spring’ in it. One of the easiest fibers to dye, wool carpets are available in shades from subtle to richly colored tones. Naturally flame resistant and stain resistant, this all-natural fiber provides superb performance with its long-lasting durability. J.Leigh Carpets uses only premium fibers like New Zealand Wool and Fine Indian Heather Wool. You will find high-grade yarns like worsted wool, semi-worsted wool and Luster Wool Blend in our carpet and area rugs. We believe in high performance fibers and wool is one of our most favored!

Wool Care and Cleaning Instructions
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