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J. Loom Collection in Wool
Made to order Jagra area rugs in 8 to 10 weeks
Product Details
  • Handloomed in bright colors this rustic plaid rug lays the foundation for a most 'Cheerful' interior! Woven in Handyspun Wool each rug will have its own uniqueness as the tie-dye takes to the yarn. Cheerful rugs are available with fringe specified in any length or available without fringe.
  • Construction: Handloom
  • Fibers: Handyspun dyed Wool
  • Leadtime : 8 to 10 weeks
  • Made to Order: Custom colors available
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  • Cheerful in Energetic
  • Cheerful in Outgoing
  • Cheerful in Vivacious
  • Cheerful in Animated
  • Jot Dot in Light Blue Emotion
  • Jot Dot in Blue Emotion
  • Jot Dot in Grey Emotion
  • Jot Dot in Light Grey Emotion
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