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J. Loom Collection in Allure Silk Nylon
Handloomed pattern rugs made in Allure Silk Nylon.
Product Details
  • Various rug qualities & styles all sharing the same performance fiber "Allure Silk Nylon" in place of Viscose. A yarn that looks and feels like Viscose but is a stain resistance fiber. These silky, luster yarn accents won't fade or shed.
  • Fiber: Allure Silk Nylon + Wool
  • Construction: Handloom or Handwoven
  • Leadtime: 10 to 15 weeks
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  • Add-Ons Available: Fiberseal and Rug Pads
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  • Daxon Stripe in Blue Bruiser
  • Daxon Stripe in Pearly Rock
  • Dinesh Dash 1 in Luster Linen
  • Dinesh Dash 2 in Champagne Rose
  • Dinesh Dash 2 in Sterling
  • Dinesh Dash 4 in Silver Diamond
  • Jewel Velvet Cutpile in Deep Moonstone
  • Jewel Velvet Stipple in Silver Moonstone
  • Jewel Velvet Stipple in Sterling Midnight Blue
  • Jewel Shadow in 034
  • Jewel Shadow in 036
  • Jewel Shadow in 060
  • Jewel Shadow in 056
  • Jibby Pebble Stripes in Silver Grey
  • One Bar in Opalite
  • Jixxie Loom in Ash White
  • Jixxie Loom in Silver Diamond
  • Jixxie Loom in Soft Tailored Taupe
  • Jixxie Loom in Stippled Grey Silk
  • Jixxie Silk Stripe in Soft Pearl 040
  • Jib Jab Stripe in Ebony Slate
  • Jib Jab Stripe in Pearl & Bruiser
  • Jib Jab Stripe in Smitten Silver & Slate
  • Jib Jab Stripe in Midnight Willow
  • Pirna in Stippled Silver Bond

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