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J. Loom Collection in Allure Silk Nylon
Handloomed pattern rugs made in best viscose replacement - Allure silk nylon
Product Details
  • Various rug qualities & styles all sharing the same performance fiber "Allure Silk Nylon" in place of Viscose. Silky, luster, velvet accents are the star in these rug designs. Allure Silk Nylon is currently stocked in limited colorways but can be done custom colored if needed.
  • Leadtime: 12 to 15 weeks
  • Made to order: Custom colors available
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  • Dinesh Dash 1 in Luster Linen
  • Dinesh Dash 2 in Champagne Rose
  • Dinesh Dash 2 in Sterling
  • Dinesh Dash 4 in Silver Diamond
  • Jamble in Blue Sapphire
  • Jewel Stripe Mini in 040
  • Jewel Velvet Cutpile in Deep Moonstone
  • Jewel Velvet Stipple in Silver Moonstone
  • Jewel Velvet Stipple in Sterling Midnight Blue
  • Jewel Rumble Stripe in Black 040
  • Jewel Shadow in 034
  • Jewel Shadow in 036
  • Jewel Shadow in 060
  • Jewel Shadow in 056
  • Jibby Pebble Stripes in Silver Grey
  • One Bar in Opalite
  • Jixxie Loom in Ash White
  • Jixxie Loom in Silver Diamond
  • Jixxie Loom in Soft Tailored Taupe
  • Jixxie Loom in Stippled Grey Silk
  • Jix Cocktail Napkin in Silver Diamond
  • Dodson Stripe Vignette in Golden Row
  • Jib Jab Stripe in Ebony Slate
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