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J. Tuft Collection in PET & Wool
Luxury rugs handtufted in the easiest of maintenance fiber & yarns
Product Details
  • Handtufted to perfection, our J. Tuft Collection is bold & innovatively tailored designs for the perfect custom rug. Best type of rug for overscaled geometric designs that need to be made concise & clean. We can handtuft ANY fiber.
  • Construction: Handtufted
  • Fibers: Wool & PET Outdoor
  • Leadtime: 8 to 10 weeks
  • Made to order: Custom designs & colors available
  • Add-Ons Available: Fiberseal and Rug Pads
Select Your Style:
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  • Architect Loops in Cement & White
  • Bork Trellis in Dark Harlow
  • Bork Trellis in Embossed Teal
  • Bork Trellis in Speckled Beige
  • Bork Trellis in Velvet Teal
  • Cameo Stripe in Water Blue
  • J. Tuft Basketweave in Jute Sand + Ivory
  • Jea Diamonds in Rust Orange
  • Jea Diamonds in Washed Tangerine
  • Mastering in Black & White
  • Miracle Maize in Velvet Black & White
  • Modena Ballarat in 857 Charcoal
  • Modena Chevron Bark in 707 Natural Beige
  • Modena Skidoo Trellis in 702 Natural Grey
  • Modena Eagle Fly 674A in White+Grey
  • Modena Earthquake Wave ITL04 in Grey
  • Modena Earthquake Wave ITL04 in Beige
  • Modena Jainey Skid 688 in Charcoal
  • Modena Lopoplain 701 in Natural Grey
  • Modena WonderBall 685 in Multi
  • Modena Blazarat 607 in Grey
  • PET Outdoor Tuft in Orchestra Lacing 1915 Charcoal+White
  • Outdoor Speckled in Dark Teal & Ivory PET fiber
  • Outdoor Speckled in Sky Blue PET fiber

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