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Jakko Flatweave Collection in Stria Design
Woven flatweaves in natural wool with heavy striated or tweeded textures. Made with or without exaggerated fringe!
Product Details
  • Handloom flatweave area rugs focused on striated or tweeded textures. Extremely care-friendly and maintenance-friendly, these flatweave area rugs are easy to place and even easier to care for daily. Woven in natural wools and or performance-friendly fibers. Custom colors available. Can be ordered with or without fun fringe!
  • Construction: Handloomed
  • Fibers: Wool + Nylons
  • Leadtime: 8 to 10 weeks
  • Made to order: Custom colors available
Select Your Style:
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  • Jakko Durrie Stria with fringe - Blue
  • Jakko Durrie Stria with fringe - Charcoal Grey
  • Jakko Durrie Stria Dark Blue
  • Jakko Herringbone Grey Stria HAG
  • Jakko Herringbone Ice Blue Stria in HAG
  • Jakko Herringbone White Stria HAG
  • Jakko Linen Stria - Sandcastle
  • Jakko Linen Stria - Bone Marrow
  • Jakko Linen Stria - Antique Canyon
  • Jakko Linen Stria-Frosted Chiffon
  • Jakko Linen Stria-Sands of Sahara
  • Jakko Linen Stria - Sea Canyon
  • Jakko Linen Stria - Tuscan
  • Jakko Simple Stria Bedrock Light Streak
  • Jakko Simple Stria Bedrock Streak
  • Jakko Simple Stria Blue Charcoal
  • Jakko Simple Stria Solid Bisque
  • Jakko Simple Stria Solid Brown
  • Jakko Simple Stria Solid Slate Grey
  • Jakko Streak 733D
  • Jakko Streak 7341
  • Jakko Streak 7344
  • Jakko Streak W7
  • Small Chevvy Stria - Charcoal
  • Small Chevvy Stria - Silver Taupe
  • Small Chevvy Stria - Heather Beige
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