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Jewel and Jute Collection - Part of Jixxie Jute
Natural fiber Jute + Allure Silk Nylon - or - Wool Blends. Texture! Texture! Texture!
  • Light Zircon
  • Salmon
  • Soft Pearl
  • Blue Moonstone
  • Silver Sterlling
  • Opulance + Bleached White Jute
  • Jixxie Jute - Blue Velvet + Bleach White Jute
  • Jixxie Jute - Bold Slate & Blue
  • Jixxie Jute - Darling Taupe
  • JIxxie Jute - Washed Willow
Product Details
  • Handloomed alternating rows of luster Allure Silk Nylon in cutpile + Natural stria jute loops. This contrast of soft silk and a rustic fiber makes a beautiful, timeless area rug. The silk nylon can be done either in bold colors or tonal neutrals for a striking area rug design. Add fiberseal for the extra benefit of easy care and maintenance.
  • Construction: Handloom
  • Fibers: Allure Silk Nylon + Jute
  • Leadtime : 12 to 15 weeks
  • Made to Order: Custom colors available