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Jix Jacquard Collection
  • Jix Bar in Light Linen
  • Jix Blanket in Bold Stripes - 515
  • Jix Flokati Stripe in DP Wool Blend salt + pepper
  • Jix Grid Beige in Natural Wool
  • Jix Grid Black in Natural Wool
  • Jix Grid in Burnt Sunrise Wool
  • Jix Grid in Dark Brown Natural Wool
  • Jix Grid in Midnight Blue Wool Luster Blend
  • Jix Grid Light Stria Blue in PET
  • Jix Grid Midnight Moon 5041D Wool Luster Blend
  • Jix Grid Midnight Steele in PET P17
  • Jix Grid Stormy Grey P4 in PET fiber
  • Jix Grid Striated Beige Wool Stria
  • Jix Grid Three Stria Blues in PET Fiber
  • Jix Joandra - Dark Grey
  • Jix Joandra - Reddy Brown
  • Jix Subway Tatter - PET Fiber in Grey 2865
  • Jix Subway Tatter - Reddy Brown 4141C
  • Jix Subway Tatter Light Grey Stria 4141A
  • Jix Subway Tatter - Lt Grey stria
  • Jix Tatter - Lt Taupe
  • Jix Tatter - Seabeeeze
  • Jix TCross in Sable Wool Luster Blend
  • Jix Wavy Blue in DP Wool Blend
  • Jix Wavy Sable Blue
  • Jixxi Jack - Midnight Cloud 5041C- 340
  • Jixxie Jack - 338 Burnt Sunrise
  • Jixxie Jack - Midnight Moon 337
  • Jixxie Jack DP Blue Grey
Product Details
  • Jacquard woven quality area rugs in high/low patterns and accented in tone-on-tone colorways. So versitile, these custom Jix Jacquard area rugs can be made in almost any type of fiber. Jix Grid is current designer best seller!
  • Construction: Handloomed
  • Fibers: Wool / Allure Silk Nylon / PET / Nylons / Wool Blends / Jute
  • Leadtime: 8 to 10 weeks
  • Made to order: Custom colors available