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Jubax Trellis Collection
Traditional Trellis patterns in Wool + Jute
Product Details
  • Handloomed in a raised textured jute pattern with a natural stria field flatweave. An ecclectic statement area rug, the organic warp & weft striations can be custom colored to match the jute as needed for every decor.
  • Construction: Handloom
  • Fibers: Jute
  • Leadtime: 8 to 10 weeks
  • Made to order: Custom colors available
  • Add-Ons Available: Fiberseal and Rug Pads
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  • Jubax Trellis Cadet Coral Blue
  • Jubax Trellis Cotton Linen
  • Jubax Trellis Flaxy Pastel
  • Jubax Trellis in Koi Blue
  • Jubax Trellis in Spiced Amber
  • Jubax Trellis in Terra Clay

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