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Natural Seagrass Collection
Seagrass in fun chunky Basketweaves handmade for an authentic look.
Product Details
  • Handwoven natural seagrass rugs in various patterns & textures. Now traditional basketweave seagrass can come with newly added fun colored accents, blended with different fibers, or exaggerated fringe.
  • Construction: Handloom
  • Fiber: Seagrass
  • Leadtime: 8 to 10 weeks
  • Made to order: Custom colors available
  • Add-Ons Available: Fiberseal + Rug Pads
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  • Bonite Basketweave in Brown & Cream 530
  • Bonite Basketweave in Cream & Brown 530
  • Popper in Blonde Grey
  • Popper in Chartreuse
  • Popper in Cranberry
  • Popper in Royal Blue
  • Popper in Salmon
  • Popper in Silver
  • Popper in Teal

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