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Outdoor Seagrass Stria Collection
These heavy PET Strias mimic natural fibers so much they get mistaken for seagrass or sisal!
Product Details
  • We focused these PET fiber rugs heavy in random striations for that organic texture found in natural fibers. These rugs are so great for higher-traffic areas to hide everyday dirt & soil. Perfect for Playrooms to Outdoor Patios. Most are reversible to flip over for a fresh rug side!
  • Construction: Handloom
  • Fibers: PET Outdoor
  • Leadtime: 8 to 10 weeks
  • Made to order: Custom colors available.
  • Add-Ons Available: Outdoor Rug Fringe & Outdoor Rug Pads
Select Your Style:
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  • Argyle Stripe in Peach & Black
  • BasketStripe in Light Blue Stria
  • Chevvy Over Stria in Slate Striated
  • Chevvy Plaid in Tweeded Grasscloth
  • Chevvy Stria in Brown Tweed
  • Chevvy Stria in Dark Jutes
  • PET Piping Stripe Stria Silver + Navy
  • PETweave Streak in Blue & Grey
  • PETweave Stria in Blue Grey
  • PETweave Stria in Cloud Grey
  • PETweave Stria in Dark Rust Orange
  • PETweave Stria in Black & White
  • PETweave Stria in Black & Blue
  • PETweave Stria in Black & Pink
  • PETweave Stria in Blue
  • PETweave Stria in Blue & Gold
  • Petweave Stria in Earthy Beige
  • PETweave Stria in Light Grey
  • PETweave Stria in Light Blue Grey
  • PETweave Stria in Plain Grey
  • PETweave Stria in Rusted Orange
  • PETweave Stria in Sky Streak Blue
  • PETweave Stria in White II
  • Puff Modo Lines in Soft Beige
  • Puff Stripes in Stria Blue
  • Puff Subway Stripes in Grey Bricks
  • Sisal Boucle in Blue #2
  • Sisal Boucle in Taupe & Rust #3
  • Sisal Boucle in Navy & Grey Stria
  • Sisal Boucle Stripe in Pearl #2
  • Sisal Stripe in Brown & Beige

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