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Outdoor Sumac Rug Collection
Adventurous Striations make up these PET Outdoor/Indoor braided Sumacs
Product Details
  • Adventurous Striations make up these Outdoor/Indoor chunky braided, reversible construction rugs with natural accented stria colored yarns for truly organic texture! Most importantly their practical, stain resistant fibers give you an ultimate performance rug you can put indoors or out!
  • Fibers: Outdoor P.E.T.
  • Construction: Handwoven Reversible Sumacs
  • Rug Sizes: Made to custom size/shape
  • Leadtime: 8 to 10 weeks
  • Made to order: You can switch any colorway between the Outdoor Sumacs patterns (or other Outdoor products too!) Ask your friendly J. Leigh representative for more details.
  • Add-Ons Available: Fun chunky custom outdoor rug fringe. Outdoor Rug Pads cut to fit.
Select Your Style:
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  • Basketweave Braid - Charcoal Blue
  • Double Braided Sumac - Charcoal Blue
  • Mini Braided Sumac - Faux Jute Light Brown
  • Horsebraid II in Midnight Blues
  • Horsebraid in Apricot
  • Horsebraid in Blue Drop
  • Horsebraid in Hamill Grey
  • Horsebraid in Feather Taupe
  • Horsebraid in Silveriege
  • Horsebraid in Stormy

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