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PETweave Outdoor Swatch Collection
Handloom PET fiber outdoor flatweaves made in various patterns & designs - custom made to order
Product Details
  • Handloomed flatweaves in various designer patterns of geometrics, stripes, swirls ... over-scaled patterns to bold details woven from traditional to whimsy. Anything is possible in these PET Outdoor practical living + easy maintenance area rug. Can be interpreted from fabrics or your imagination.
  • Fibers: PET Outdoor
  • Leadtime: 8 to 10 weeks
  • Made to order: Custom colors available.
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  • Jacrat Linen Shuttle 1896 in Heathered Grey
  • Jakkar Modern in Black & White + Ivory
  • Jeena Patch Grey + White
  • Jeena Round Brown + White
  • JFW Zix
  • Petweave Diamond Durrie in Blue Stria
  • Petweave Jakko Border in Navy + Taupe
  • PETweave Jamad Chevron Black + White
  • PETweave Joti Scribble Loop Maize
  • Petweave Patter Houndstooth in black and white
  • PETweave Pattern Boomerang Trellis Grey + white
  • Petweave Pattern Chevvy IRF Stripe in Silver + White
  • PETweave Pattern Chevvy Plaid in Blue
  • PETweave Pattern Puff Pin Stripe - Black
  • Petweave Pattern Ribb Stripe - B + W
  • Petweave Pattn Chevvy Tweed Silver Black
  • Petweave Pattrn Chevvy Tweed in Silver Grey
  • PETweave Slanted Stripe in Slate + White
  • Petweave Pattern ArtHouse Chevron FR-3100
  • Petweave Pattern ArtHouse Stria - Custom Spring Confetti Tweed
  • Polka in Black & White
  • Ombre Tweed
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