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Feel The Teal!
Fabulous Fibers in Teal colors

Fabulous new products made in shades of Teal. Available to customize accent colors at no upcharge!

  • Bork Trellis in Embossed Teal
  • Bork Trellis in Velvet Teal
  • Outdoor Jutter Shag in Tealdom
  • Jix Tatter in Pearl Pondlake
  • Jix Tatter in Pondlake
  • Sangale Moroccan in Dark Teal
  • Sarcee in Teal & Burnt Tan
  • Danus 03 in Baby Sage
  • Marbled Jute in Bark Spruce
  • Danus 04 in Teal Green
  • Jaha 12 in Tealdom
  • Jewel Velvet in Abiza
  • Kinsey Stripe in Dark Teal
  • Mammoth in Bolster Teal
  • Pepperdime Stripe in Teal & Rice White
  • Pidot Tip in Teal the Navy
  • Pima in Bolster Teal
  • Popper in Teal
  • Jax Bass in Blue La Revolution
  • Sketcher in Teal Green
  • Sketcher in Teal Multi 08
  • Surry in Tippo Teal
  • Tolleson Stripe in Dyno Teal
  • Whipper in Silver Sage
  • Jixxie Loom in Outdoor Beryl
  • Whipper in Blue Kink
  • Whipper in Boise Blue
  • Whipper in Gothic Blue
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