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Jixxie Jute
What a contrast! Natural Jute + Silky Allure Nylon = Perfect texture combo!
Product Details
  • Jixxie Jute is a classic pinstripe pattern of cut & loop. But the slightly raised higher cutpile helps to protect the jute fiber. With addition of fiberseal you have a practical rug that stand out & shine. Because mixing the raw jute with the silkiness of Allure yarn makes for a unique luxury rug.
  • Fiber Content: DP Wool Blends + Jute -OR- Allure Silk Nylon + Jute. Allure Silk Nylon is Stain/UV/Bleach Resistant yet looks & feels like Viscose!
  • Rug Sizes: Made to custom size
  • Leadtime: 5 to 7 weeks; Custom colorways are 8 to 12 weeks
  • Construction: Handloom
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  • Add-Ons Available: FIBERSEAL & Rug Pads cut to fit
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  • Blue Velvet in Bleach White Jute
  • Bold Slate & Blue
  • Calico Drizzle
  • Darling Taupe
  • Opulance in Allure Silk Nylon+ Bleached Jute
  • Pale Anthro in Allure Silk Nylon + Bleached Jute
  • Powdering Blue in Bleached Jute
  • Redford Brown
  • Silver Sterling in Allure Silk Nylon
  • Soft Silvers in Bleached Jute
  • Suede Taupe
  • Teal Jumper in Allure Silk Nylon
  • Velvet Verde in Allure Silk Nylon
  • Washed Willow

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