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J. Tuft Handtufted Rug Collection
Handmade Artisan Handtufted Area Rugs

Able to be crafted denser in any fiber, handtufted rugs can show more geometric & floral pattern detail than handloomed rugs - making it a favored specification for commercial and heavy traffic area rug needs. J. Leigh Carpets has much experience specializing in custom handtufted area rug & custom wall-to-wall carpet for boutique hotel & commercial projects.

  • Modena Ballarat in Pit Brown
  • Modena Chevron Bark in Natural Beige
  • Modena Eagle Fly in White & Grey
  • Modena Lopoplaid in Natural Grey
  • Modena Skidoo Trellis in Natural Grey
  • Bork Trellis in Dark Harlow
  • Bork Trellis in Embossed Teal
  • Bork Trellis in Speckled Beige
  • Bork Trellis in Velvet Teal
  • Jainey Block in Grey Pigeon
  • Jainey Block in Iced Chrome
  • Jainey Block in Silver Lining
  • Jainey Block in Sunshine Glow
  • Jainey Harlow in Earl Blue
  • Jainey Swirls in Blue Marbles
  • Jainey Swirls in Light Linen Broadloom
  • Jainey Swirls in Stormy Silver
  • Jainey Swirls in Porpoise
  • Jea Diamonds in Bourke Orange
  • Kashou Loops in Shumway Slate
  • Bel Angle in Soft Linen
  • Modern Lattice in Silver Pierce
  • Shaggy Boys in Hot Tangerine Red
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