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NEW ARRIVALS! in Outdoor Flatweaves & Durries
Fun, Fast & Fabulous Flatweaves in brand new outdoor patterns & colorways
Product Details
  • Product Details : Introducing new bright & bold Outdoor Flatweaves & Durries for practical, stain resistant rugs designed for both outside patios & indoor interiors.
  • Fiber Content: Outdoor/Indoor PET Fiber
  • Construction: Handloom Flatweaves & Reversible Durries
  • Rug Sizes Available: Made to custom size & shape
  • Leadtime: 6 to 8 weeks
  • Semi-Custom: Minor accent colorway changes. Same price. Same leadtime.
  • Custom: Full custom colorway changes will require strike-offs and additional leadtime.
  • Also Available: You can order rugs with fun Fringe options!
  • Add-Ons Available : Outdoor rug pads cut to fit -OR- our regular indoor rug options
Select Your Style:
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  • Arrow Itch in Golden Smoke - FRONT
  • Arrow Itch in Golden Smoke - BACK
  • Arrow Itch in Golden Smoke (Reversible
  • Arrow Itch in Polo Stria - FRONT
  • Arrow Itch in Polo Stria - BACK
  • Arrow Itch in Polo Stria (Reversible)
  • Catalina in Arcadia - FRONT
  • Catalina in Arcadia - BACK
  • Catalina in Arcadia (Reversible)
  • Catalina in Beanie Blue - FRONT
  • Catalina in Beanie Blue - BACK
  • Catalina in Beanie Blue (Reversible)
  • Cataline in Concrete Scratch - FRONT
  • Catalina in Concrete Scratch - BACK
  • Arthouse Chevron in Bone on Tone
  • Arthouse Chevron in Carousel
  • Arthouse Chevron in Jamad Black & White
  • Arthouse Chevron in Patio Blue
  • Arthouse Chevron in Petalburst
  • Arthouse Chevron in Sand
  • Arthouse Chevron in Silver & White
  • Arthouse in Beige & Black
  • Arthouse in Blues
  • Arthouse in Gold
  • Arthouse Stripe in Castle Grey & White
  • Chevvy Weft in Black & White
  • Outdoor Jixxie Pixel in Linen Brown
  • Kamden Stripe in Soft Ivory
  • Kamden Stripe in Outdoor Pearls
  • Kamden Stripe in Outdoor Pearl & Dew
  • Kamden Stripe in Outdoor Preppy Grey
  • Kamden Stripe in Silver Awning
  • Kamden Stripe in Blanco & Teal Tweed
  • Kamden Stripe in Outdoor Blue Poke
  • Kamden Stripe in Panda Pearl
  • Outdoor Joti Stripe in Juba Brown
  • Outdoor Sisal Boucle in Navy+Grey Stria
  • Outdoor Sisal Boucle in Steel Teal Stria
  • Puff Modo Lines in Soft Beige
  • Skippy in Porch Blue
  • Tiper in Basalt
  • Tiper in Kite Tail
  • Tiper in Ticker Teal
  • Whipper in Silver Sage
  • Whipper in Bone Beige
  • Whipper in Carousel
  • Kambal Outdoor Ombre in Go Yellow
  • Kambal Outdoor Ombre in Slated Way
  • Kambal Outdoor Ombre in Simple Lime
  • Kambal Outdoor Ombre in Rose Pink
  • Kambal Outdoor Ombre in Point Blank Brown
  • Kambal Outdoor Ombre in Pogo Blue
  • Kambal Outdoor Ombre in Tarzan Grey
  • Kambal Outdoor Ombre in Shani Sun
  • Kambal Outdoor Ombre in Shani Blue

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