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New Black & White's
Brand New Black & White Colorways

Fabulous and fun themed black & white rugs in various fibers and textures. Sample memos now available. Request direct online or through your Design Account Rep.

  • Outdoor Dela in Black & White
  • Arthouse Chevron in Jamad Black & White
  • Jix Totem in Bruiser
  • Chevvy Weft in Black & White
  • Jix Totem in Cigar Coal
  • Moroccan Diamond Runner in Black & White
  • Jokati Mazel in Black & White
  • Joti Boo Stripe in Black White Grey
  • Joti Goti Jr. in Black White & Beige
  • Joti Pinstripe in Charcoal & Brown
  • Juba Rustic in Black
  • Kamden Stripe in Panda Pearl
  • Moroccan Layered Diamonds in Black & White
  • Oro in Smitten Coal
  • Outdoor Jutter Shag in Midnight Stone
  • Jixxie Piping Stripe in Panda Bear
  • Pirna in Pomparto
  • Pirna in Silver Nero
  • Pirna in Stippled Silver & Bond
  • Jax Bass in Soft Pearl
  • Joti Stripe in Black & White
  • Jixxie Loom in Smitten Coal
  • Tempe Pin Square in Black & White
  • Outdoor Jonac Stripe in Vero Lobo Rub
  • Whipper in Carousel
  • Eloy Stripes in Black & White
  • Joti Goti Grande in Heather Grey
  • Joti Goti Jr. in Outdoor Ivory Soap
  • Joti by Goti in Heather Grey
  • Jonac Stripe in Velvet Black
  • Jixxie Bel Stripe in Top Stitch
  • Chex Stria in Charcoal
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