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Joti Flatweave & Durries
Flatweaves & Durries in NEW Joti Black & White styles

Our new Jot's are bold, bright and fun! Now they come in a variety of different performance fibers. Check out the new Outdoor Joti Goti Jr's...a new favorite!

  • Joti Boo Stripe in Black White Grey
  • Joti Goti Grande in Heather Grey
  • Joti Goti Jr. in Black White & Beige
  • Joti Goti Jr. in Outdoor Burnt Cherry
  • Joti Goti Jr. in Outdoor Ivory Soap
  • Joti Goti Jr. in Outdoor Poppy Green
  • Joti by Goti in Heather Grey
  • Joti Pinstripe in Charcoal & Brown
  • Joti Stripe in Black & White
  • Joti Goti Stripe in Heather Grey
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