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Light & Linen OUTDOOR Neutrals - New!
Outdoor/Indoor PET fiber area rugs

New Introductions in Outdoor Fiber Tone-on-Tones, Neutrals & Light Linen Colorways. Perfect & practical for Indoor playrooms to Outdoor patios.

  • Arthouse Chevron in Bone-on-Tone
  • Outdoor Jonac Stripe in Burnt Straw
  • Canezo in Opulet
  • Chicoto in Outdoor Linen
  • Chicoto in Outdoor Grey & Pearl
  • Horsebraid Sumac in Apricot
  • Horsebraid Sumac in Outdoor Ivory
  • Jix Mantra in Opetulite
  • Jix Mantra in Thin Ice
  • Kamden Stripe in Outdoor Pearl & Dew
  • Kamden Stripe in Outdoor Pearls
  • Kamden Stripe in Soft Ivory
  • Mini Presci Sumac in Outdoor Champagne Pop
  • Modern Stria in Salted Bone Stria
  • Jix Subway Tatter in Outdoor Pearly Dew
  • Outdoor Jix Blanket in Dry Fog
  • Outdoor Jix Grid in Cool Runnings
  • Outdoor Jutter Shag in Bone-to-Tone
  • Jix Subway Tatter in Outdoor Glacier
  • Jix Totem in Outdoor Glacier
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