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Outdoor Handknotted Rugs - New!
New Tibetan & Knotted Kilim Rugs for Outdoor/Indoor use

Handknotted Rugs made in Outdoor P.E.T. Fiber. What does PET stand for? PET = Polyethylene Terephthalate. Made from recycled plastic bottles. Naturally stain-resistant, retains color & resists fading from exposure to the sun or harsh cleaning. Exceptional softness!

  • Canezo in Calico Storm
  • Canezo in Opulet
  • Canezo in Satin Rubble
  • Chicoto in Outdoor Grey & Pearl
  • Chicoto in Outdoor Linen
  • Jaha 12 in Outside Breeze
  • Outdoor Livingson
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