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NEW! Outdoor Jute Collection
Outdoor fibers handwoven to mimic a faux jute texture and look. Available in braided sumacs, chunky durries and boucle flatweaves. More still to come!
Product Details
  • Outdoor Jutes is our newest collection of fabulous Outdoor PET fiber products! Made to capture the feel of 'jute' in a soft & easy maintenance rug. We have more additions coming to Outdoor Jutes soon!
  • Fiber Content: Outdoor/Indoor PET
  • Rug Sizes: Made to custom size & shape
  • Leadtime: 6 to 8 weeks
  • Construction: Handwoven
  • Also Available: in custom colorways & patterns
  • Add-Ons: Outdoor or Indoor rug pads cut to fit
Select Your Style:
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  • Braided Sumac - Blonde
  • Braided Sumac - Natural
  • Braided Sumac - Caramel
  • Braided Sumac - Donkey Brown
  • Braided Sumac - Kashi Fawn
  • Braided Sumac - Straw
  • Bandito - Blonde
  • Bandito - Natural
  • Boucle Ring - Blonde
  • Boucle Ring - Natural
  • Bumpidy - Tweeded Jute
  • More Styles Coming Soon!

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