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Jewels - New Silky Colorways!

New Jewel colorways in our fabulous Allure Silk Nylon fiber. Looks & feels just like the soft luster of Viscose/Silk but is practical and can be spot cleaned. MORE COLORWAYS STILL TO COME! Teal, orange, khaki, slate, silver, etc..

  • Jewel Velvet in Iris Blue
  • Jewel Splendid Stripe in Sapphire Blue
  • Jewel Crush in Table Taupe
  • Jewel Splendid Stripe in Light Zircon
  • Jewel Splendid Stripe in Luster Linen
  • Jewel Splendid Stripe in Sterling Moonstone
  • Jewel Stripe in Luster Linen
  • Jewel Stripe in Opulite
  • Jewel Stripe in Soft Pearl
  • Jewel Velvet in Abiza
  • Jewel Velvet in Arcadia White
  • Jewel Velvet in Deep Butter Gold
  • Jewel Velvet in Dime Chest
  • Jewel Velvet in Luster Linen
  • Jewel Velvet Stripe in Opal Rose
  • Jewel Velvet Stripe in Soft Pearl
  • Jewel Velvet Stripe in Soft Tone
  • Jewel Velvet in Opulite
  • Jewel Velvet in Primrose
  • Jewel Velvet in Stippled Ivory
  • Jewel Splendid Stripe in Silver Diamond
  • Jewel Velvet in Sherpa Blue
  • Jewel Velvet in Anchor
  • Jewel Velvet in Norwegian Blue
  • Jewel Velvet in Rugged Steel
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