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New Slate Rug Samples
Fabulous new finds in Slate

New rug introductions in the trending Slate colorways. Use your favorite Slate tone to customize any of our products. No upcharges.

  • Calico Banji in Outdoor Slatez
  • Jib Jab Stripe in Smitten Silver & Slate
  • Jix Subway Tatter in Marna Blue
  • Jixxie Bel Stripe in Slate Bush
  • Jot Dot in Grey Emotion
  • Jot Dot in Lt Grey Emotion
  • Kambal Outdoor Ombre in Slated Way
  • Kashou Loops in Shumway Slate
  • Lisbon Berber in Cuba Chipped Slate
  • Pidot Tip in Slate & Go
  • Jonac Stripe in Blue Slated Ash
  • Joti Stripe in Slate
  • Sketcher in Slate Blue
  • Outdoor Jonac Stripe in Slate Straw
  • Ticker Stripe in Slate Stria
  • Whipper in Silver Sage
  • Jixxie Bel Stripe in Bush Blue
  • Whipper in Blue Kink
  • Jixxie Loom in Chrome Warp
  • Yuma in Slate Blue
  • Gotti in Fossil Grey
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