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New Taupe Tones
New fresh tones in Taupe

New rug introductions in the timeless Taupe colorway & tones. Use your favorite Taupe shade to customize any of our products. No upcharges. Same leadtimes.

  • Jakko Border Wool 8002
  • Jakko Border Wool 8005
  • Horsebraid Sumac in Hamill Grey
  • Jhira 07 in Grey Ivory Charcoal
  • Jixxie Bel Stripe in Pearly Shell
  • Lettie Trellis in Silk & Stone
  • Modern Stria in Bob Ross Ripple Grey
  • Sketcher in Ivory Grey 10
  • Somerton in Ivory & Taupe
  • Tique Armstrong in Calzone White
  • Tique Plush Tic in Puff Greystone
  • Tique Tolleson Stripes in Light Stonewash
  • Jaha 12 in Outside Breeze
  • Legaro Plaid in Toasted Champs
  • Pebbi in Brown Quartz
  • Pebbi in Summer Tan
  • Jewel Crush in Table Taupe
  • Jix Totem in Varma Fog
  • Jix Subway Tatter in Chappy
  • Jix Subway Tatter in Neutral Niche
  • Jix Subway Tatter in Sparkle Taupe
  • Honeycomb in Sticky Honey
  • Gotti in Coral Wheat
  • Stonebridge Plaid in Soft Linen
  • Jupiter in Opal Grey
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