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Outdoor Handloomed Rugs - New Intro's
Outdoor J. Loom Collection

Handloomed Rugs made in Outdoor PET Fiber. What does P.E.T. stand for? = Polyethylene Terephthalate. Made from recycled plastic bottles. Naturally stain-resistant, retains color & resists fading from exposure to the sun or harsh cleaning. Exceptional softness!

  • Jix Stripe Banner in Thin Icicle
  • Kinsey Stripe in Dark Teal
  • Outdoor Jix Blanket in Blue Stria
  • Outdoor Jix Blanket in Dry Fog
  • Outdoor Jix Blanket in Radio Chrome
  • Outdoor Jutter Shag in Bone-to-Tone
  • Outdoor Jutter Shag in Midnight Stone
  • Outdoor Jutter Shag in Tealdom
  • Jix Tico in Antine
  • Jix Tico in Grey
  • Jix Tico in Outdoor Pearly Dew
  • Jix Subway Tatter in Outdoor Pearly Dew
  • Outdoor Jix Grid in Cool Runnings
  • Outdoor Jix Grid in Silver Storm
  • Outdoor Jix Grid in Steel & Teal
  • Outdoor Jumbo Jix Grid in Antine
  • Outdoor Jumbo Jix Grid in Stipple Satin
  • Outdoor Jumbo Jix Grid in Thin Ice Drop
  • Jix Subway Tatter in Creamtone
  • Jixxie Loom in Outdoor Beryl
  • Jixxie Loom in Outdoor Gris
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