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New Sophisticated Silvers
Showcasing our new silver & shiny tone colorways

New rug introductions in the always popular Silver colorway. Use your favorite Silver tone to customize any of our products. No upcharges. Same leadtimes.

  • Jonac Stripe in Clarasteel
  • Jainey Block in Iced Chrome Broadloom
  • Jamble in Silver Scarf
  • Jemstone Stripe in Silver Quartz
  • Jewel Crush in Table Taupe
  • Jewel Velvet in Stippled Ivory
  • Jix Mantra in Bright Dime
  • Jix Mantra in Slim Silver
  • Jixxy Silk Stripe in Whisky Shine
  • Modo Silk Stripe in Metal Sheen
  • Jixxie Piping Stripe in Panda Bear Hug
  • Jemstone Stripe in Polished Nickel
  • Jainey Swirls in Stormy Silver
  • Jainey Swirls in Porpoise
  • Jonac Stripe in Silver Strip
  • Jemstone Stripe in Silver Quartz
  • Jantique Bloom in Silky Silver Broadloom
  • Jainey Block in Silver Lining Broadloom
  • Jantique Bloom in Steel Violet Broadloom
  • Jixxie Loom in Stone Stria
  • Jix Totem in Silver Diamond
  • Jewel Velvet in Anchor
  • Jixxie Bel Stripe in Pewter Pin
  • Jewel Velvet in Silver Diamond
  • Dixo in Grazer
  • Jixxie Loom in Light Silver
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