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Woolzy Sumacs & Durries
Natural wool in striated colorways & textures

Heavily textured, lots of character and naturally organic wool rugs. Woolzy Collection has soft, plush braided sumacs as well as casual durries that are practical to use anywhere!

  • Calico Brownstone in Sumac Braided
  • Rocky Beige JD013 Sumac Braided
  • Dirty Grey Calico JD018 Durrie
  • Dirty Grey Calico JD018 Loop Lines
  • Honeycomb in Sticky Honey
  • Gotti in Coral Wheat
  • Gotti in Fossil Grey
  • Dutch Braid in Bone Ivory
  • Dutch Braid in Bone Stria
  • Chunky Pebbles Grey
  • Beehive in Ivory
  • Chinle in Revueve White
  • Stone Beige JD012 Durrie
  • Calico Bone JD001 Durrie
  • Bone & Greystone JD005 Durrie
  • Panja Durry in Chipped Ivory
  • Panja Durry in Rustic White
  • Lopo Braid in Bone Jute
  • Nello Panja in Charcoal Bean
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