Strength / Uniformity / Moisture Resistant / Durability

Nylon’s strengths include good resiliency, stain resistance, durability, good abrasion resistance and retention of color when dyed. Because nylon is soft yet strong, resilient and cleans well it’s often a go-to-choice for high traffic areas, active households or commercial facilities. J. Leigh Carpets integrates the innovation of new nylon fibers with the interior trends of today. Poly-silk Nylon, for example, is an inventive yarn that works well in place of Viscose. Poly-silk is a high luster sheen nylon that offers a totally practical solution for those projects that require luster applications with easier maintenance or higher traffic durability. Nylon is the most used fiber in carpet today and comes with excellent performance attributes in all types of carpet construction.

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Nylon Carpet and Area Rugs / Cleaning and Care Instructions

Nylon | Care & Cleaning Instructions (PDF)